D Smith
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 159

Crush the Competition and Win Big in Life!Read this book for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited membership – Download Now! This hard-hitting success book gives you the real facts about success – and busts the myths that hold you back. For example, some people say the “work harder, not smarter” method will get you the results you need. However, this mindset only applies when you also adopt an unshakeable work ethic and you are already successful. People like Albert Einstein and Bill Gates in later parts of their careers might have found ways to 'work smarter' but you will not find a single champion of any field or endeavour that does not have a superior work ethic to the average Joe Bloggs. this book will show you why exceptional people produce exceptional results at will each and every time Many people fail in determining and underestimating what it actually takes to succeed in any ...
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