Gary W. Ritter
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 401

God has called James.But he is a reluctant prophet.  Why him?  Why now?He ignores God's appeal.Lawlessness rears its ugly head in every corner of America.It pervades society.  It corrupts politics.  It invades the church.James' wife, Janna, is dying of cancer.That for him is a greater priority than heeding God's call upon his life--despite his being a pastor of a failing church that has been infected by the lies of Satan.The election year of 2028 is upon the country.  A progressive Administration is set to become more radical.Only when James joins forces with another pastor are his eyes opened to the danger of America becoming an Islamic stronghold.But his life turns from difficult to intolerable.Christian persecution rivals Nazi treatment of the Jews in the 1930s.Violence and anarchy, fostered by the government itself, are on the rise.Whether he wants to or not, James must ...
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