V L Young
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 271

It was supposed to be a fun night. Now it's a matter of life and death.For centuries vampires and werewolves have been known as myths. In reality, they hide in the cities you live in.Nikki has never run a mile, let alone fired a gun. When her best friend Alexia is kidnapped, Nikki finds herself drawn in deep. Her world becomes a scarier place upon learning that Alexia's blood will initiate a Ritual that will give these myths power to maim mankind. Fighting like she's never done before, Nikki makes it her mission to save Alexia.With time running out, Nikki, her boyfriend, and werewolf Conrad need to act fast. Discovering hidden agendas, finding people to trust becomes an issue.With the date of the Ritual coming closer, Nikki finds, no matter the outcome, her world will change forever.The follow-up Resurrection of the Guardians is now available on Amazon
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