Michael James
ASIN: B01LD612D8
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 28

Foraging (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)The Essential User Guide to Foraging Wild Edible Plants and FungiThis is a self-help book that aims to take the reader through the tips, tricks and guidelines for foraging at the beginner level. In this book, we have discussed thorough details of how to take up this interesting hobby with all the safety and precaution that it demands. You will learn all the tips that a beginner needs to know to go on the first foraging expedition into the forest. The book contains literature about the things you may need for foraging, what is safe to eat and what is unsafe. Moreover, we have covered topics like safety, tools and techniques, location and season to ensure a complete guideline for foraging in this book. Plant species like flowers, mushrooms and berries have been discussed in detail so that the reader may fully understand these commonly found wild edibles. We ...
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