Zena Thomas
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 118

What happens when the 2016 Election collides with an already shaky marriage? How Donald Trump Stole My Husband describes the mutation of a halfway-normal husband into an intolerant, angry Trump fanatic. Set in a Colorado mountain town during a housing crunch caused by the legalization of marijuana, the wife has nowhere to move, and must watch the transformation happen right before her eyes while Fox News eggs him on. Intimidated by her well-armed ex, a disabled vet troubled by PTSD and anger management issues, the Bernie-loving wife keeps her mouth shut to avoid conflict while describing the monster she helped to create.During the last months of her marriage, she finds a way to say goodbye to snowboarding high-altitude powder, camping and hiking the backcountry, photographing wildflowers, and rafting the Colorado River. This hilarious firsthand story is a low-income adventure mixed with ...
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