Immortal Angel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 59

The Two Pawns may be short, and it may be free, but it packs a big punch and ends on a sexy cliffhanger. When you reach the ending, you either continue reading it serial by serial or pick up the whole box set, Alien Mating Frenzy. The choice is yours...When Syri Moro is called from the Gardens of Virtue, she knows exactly what it means. Her husband-to-be, Rayden Oshier, is finally ready to take her as his bride. But when she's brought to his large starship, she's surprised to find nothing is the way she imagined.A bloodthirsty male has chosen her as his mate and her husband-to-be is missing. If she doesn't find Rayden in time, her mating frenzy will consume her, and she'll have no choice but to link herself to another male for eternity. What's more, her actions will determine whether the people of Earth live or die. But is she powerful enough to save herself and the little, blue ...
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