Edward Bailey
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 150

Learn the fundamental Photoshop design principles that will help you grow your skills and refine your techniques for improved graphic design.This is Box Set 3 Books in 1This book is the ideal introduction to the skills and techniques needed to excel in graphic design and is ideal for the small business owner or home-based entrepreneur keen to develop their own web presence.Book 1:- 17 Tips You Should Know to Get Started Using Photoshop LightroomBook 2:- 20 Photo Editing Techniques Every Photoshop Beginner Should Know!Book 3:- The Complete Beginners Guide to Creating Amazing Digital Pictures in 60 Minutes or Less!You Will Learn:How To UNLOCK THE BACKGROUND LAYERHow To INSERT TEXT THROUGH TYPE TOOL MANIPULATIONHow to capture magnanimous scenes and location easily and without much outside help Capturing PerspectivesArtificial EffecttsTricking With Camera FlashThe Lens and the ...
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