Amanda M. Lee
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 107

It’s a Christmas from the past but the usual players aren’t all that different.Tillie Winchester is annoyed with the world – what else is new, right? – and she’s fraying under the pressure. Her nieces believe she’s a bad influence on the youngest Winchester generation – especially an acerbic Thistle – and they want her to set a good example.That’s not easy when she’s fighting with her arch nemesis and trying to convince Bay, Clove and Thistle they didn’t really discover a dead body at the annual tree-lighting ceremony.Between a baking contest she’s determined to win, Thistle’s deteriorating attitude, Clove’s penchant for crying whenever the mood strikes and Chief Terry’s suspicious nature as the fearsome foursome investigate a possible crime, Aunt Tillie has her hands full.It’s Christmas, though, the most magical time of the year, and Tillie is determined ...
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