Matt Burns
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 34

First, Slash wrote his memoir. Then Duff wrote one, too. We even heard from one of the GNR roadies in his own (unauthorized) memoir.But now it’s time to read all about Guns and f’ng Roses…from a fan’s perspective. Are you a fan of Guns N’ f’ng Roses? Well, Matt Burns is f’ng too.And he’s written a Kindle single about his 30-year GNR love affair, one that all starts when he first sees the “Welcome to the Jungle” video on MTV in 1988 and culminates with finally seeing the newly-reunited GNR live in 2016.What happens in between? Tears, drugs, booze, womanizing, dolphins, weddings, funerals, night trains, rocket queens, a T-1000 robot that just keeps coming…and a whole lotta jungle f’ng fever, that’s what.Read how Burns became so obsessed with Guns N’ Roses that he listened to nothing but the ‘Appetite’ album, from first note to last, for a year straight.How ...
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