Lexi Shavitz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 114

The pressures of high school students to get into college has become so competitive; the pressures on the parents have become overwhelming as they want their son or daughter to get into the university of their 1st choice. Is your child really special? Is he/she doing something to make themselves stand out among their competition? Does the student think they are doing enough? How about the parent? This book shares thoughts from both the student and parent, and you will be shocked to learn how each views the monumental process of getting into college. This is the biggest decision you as a parent will collectively make for (with) your child.We asked our daughter one question repeatedly: "Are you trying your hardest in school?" It wasn't until the beginning of sophomore year of high school that she finally said "yes" and her grades are now reflecting this. We also encourage her to ...
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