William Myron Price
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 51

Stories of the Failed Assassination Attempts on Adolf Hitler’s LifeClaim Your FREE Bonuses After the Conclusion!The most celebrated attempt at Führer’s life is believed to be the one carried out by Clause von Stauffenberg in Hitler’s Wolf’s lair headquarters. The explosion killed four, but Hitler survived. The attempted conspiracy was documented in a feature film ‘The Valkyrie’ starring Tom Cruise as Clause von Stauffenberg. What is interesting to note is that the motivation of almost all the assassins and conspirators greatly varied. While some wanted to take over his position as the leader of Germany, there were some who wanted to put an end to the Second World War – they didn’t want to be part of the losing side a second time after World War I, especially since Germany was beginning to flounder against the Allied Powers. The question then arises – how did one man ...
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