John Williamson
ASIN: B01LW7752C
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 103

With the end of an era comes chaos and danger of the worst kind. The great stag who had led the roe deer of the deep forest to safety and peace so many years before is now nearing the end of his reign. Ulex, a stag with some very dangerous idea's is the only real contender for the job. His chance finally comes with the arrival of Buttercup and Fred, a cow and calf escaped from a local farm earlier in the year. Now as chaos breaks out the only hope for the herd is to find help and a worthy replacement before the herd pays the ultimate price. With impending battle you can be sure Sederic the surgeon seagull (from 'Awing to the wild') will be on hand to ply his very special trade. Only the greatest of great stags can unite the deer herds of the deep forest and return peace for the generation to come.
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