Ted Richardson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 363

The Matt Hawkins' series revolves around a recurring theme--aninexplicable historical artifact whose discovery results in unforeseenand explosive present-day consequences. In contrast to other books ofthis genre which often feature outlandish cabals and extremely unlikelyhistorical departures, Richardson's books spin plausible tales, both inthe historic past and with respect to present-day political andfinancial maneuvering. Readers are reintroduced to famous historicalfigures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis andTeddy Roosevelt--albeit through the lens of fiction. It is preciselythis infusion of history (both faux and real) into the story lines thatmakes these tales unique. The end result is a series of smart thrillersthat toggle seamlessly between past and present to keep the actionmoving and the reader engaged--and maybe even wondering 'did that really ...
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