William Davis
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Pages: 70

“10-Minute Practice A Day Of The Law Of Attraction -- 55 Practical Exercises That Will Positively Change Your Life - Law of Attraction for Beginners”. This book is an introduction into the world of positive thinking as it gives you a full understanding of what the law of attraction is all about and enlightens you on how best it can be applied. It will further take you through a journey of growth where you can identify the factors that had deterred you from using the Law of Attraction effectively and show you how to correct them.By studying the Law of Attraction, you will come to recognize the fact that how you live will depend on how you think and that you have the power to control your life the way you desire it.One thing about the Law of Attraction is that it is always active and you can use it to your advantage once you are aware and believe in its existence. We all put efforts into ...
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