Publisher: unknown
Pages: 325

A collection of retold fairy tales with a science fiction twist.Rapunzel is a soldier, the last remaining member of the human race, locked in a zoological tower on an alien planet. Doctor Belle must remain in quarantine with a powerful politician who has contracted a beastly disease. Jack sells his arm for a chance up the Stalk, the space elevator he hopes will take him to his fortune.These twenty stories will take you across the galaxy, exploring new technology alongside aliens and cyborgs, princes and evil stepmothers, and telling your favorite classic tales like you've never seen them before.Contains stories by:Allan Davis Jr.Caitlin NicollC. M. LloydChristopher WalkerClaudie ArseneaultDiane DubasEben MishkinElizabeth HopkinsonLizz DonnellyJames WoodJennifer Lee RossmanL. G. KeltnerLea Anne GuettlerLeandra WallaceMandy Nachampassack-MaloneyM. Z. MedinaMarie PiperNitai R. PoddarSara ...
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