Von Baublitz, Ivan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 498

Dirty Laundry recounts in vivid detail the anger, and depression of growing up in poverty, and the will to overcome even the worst of circumstances. The Author's voice is expressed through a masterful use of syntax that reveals a soul that, while battered, is never broken. Humor often shines through the dark and sometimes tragic circumstances he has to endure.There's also a interesting motif that follows the author through the story of presidential proportion! This creates a creative narrative autobiography unlike any other in the genre. You will feel as if you are standing in the shadows watching the author's life unfold before your eyes. Readers experience an array of emotions while they travel in time next to a young boy all the way into adulthood. Follow him in some of the most unimaginable situations, leading up to a meeting with a certain angel that will change his life for the ...
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5 stars from 60 ratings
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