Clarence Lefort
Publisher: Clarence Lefort
Pages: 54

Howdy cowboy! Come on down to Pokemon wild west and we'll show you a good, old time. There's crime fighting, crook stopping, strong friendship and explosive Pokemon battling for all to enjoy!PokeCreek is usually a peaceful, desert town--until criminal Pokemon try to take over! Sheriff Pikachu is the town's only police officer. He's a clever, brave and strong sheriff who just wants to keep his friends safe. When the evil Granbull Gang attacks, he must save Mayor Marill and the rest of PokeCreek's residents from outlaw danger! Pikachu faces kidnapping, bank robbery, horse chases, crook lassoing and a sunset duel all in the name of protecting PokeCreek. It's a rick-rollicking adventure for Pokemon fans new and old! There's action, adventure and, most of all, crazy Pokemon battles in a cowboy setting you'll never see in the games or the show! Readers will love Sheriff Pikachu for his ...
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