Alex C Vick
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 307

It's your average new school nightmare. Classes you've never taken, teachers you've never met before. Having to pass a really difficult entrance exam. Oh, and upsetting the most popular girl in the school before you've even arrived.Except this school is the Seminary of Magic on Androva. A world Shannon only discovered a few weeks ago. She's a brand-new magician, with a brand-new boyfriend, and unfortunately she's about to discover a brand new enemy, who will stop at nothing to get their hands on some magic.But how does she know whom she can trust? If she gets it wrong, she might end up paying with her life...Jax and Shannon are back, and things are getting complicated!The Legacy of Androva is a complete series of contemporary fantasy books for lower young adult / upper middle grade. The stories are self contained, with no cliff hangers between books.Book 1: Stealing MagicBook 2: ...
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