Catherine Barry
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 248

For Ruby Blake, there seems to be no happily ever after…When Ruby Blake applies to the Catholic Church for an annulment, little does she realise how this one application will change her life forever. Marriage to Eamonn Blake had been her dream.Falling in love with him almost at first sight, her dreams finally came true when she became Mrs. Blake.Supported by her best friends, Judy, Brenda and Marjory, her wedding couldn’t have been a more special day.So what could have gone so terribly wrong with their marriage, for Ruby to apply for an annulment?Eamonn simply can’t understand Ruby’s actions.How could she do this to him?But for Ruby, the marriage has been nothing more than a scam from start to finish.Father Ebb is in charge of hearing both sides of the story, and then submitting the request to Rome, where the final decision on annulment is to be made.Ruby, fully convinced their ...
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