Alex C Vick
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 340

How far would you go to find an explanation if you were still the only magician in the entire world, and no-one knew why?You could try reading some ancient history books. That’s pretty harmless, at least to start off with. Or you could experiment with some brand new spells. That’s a bit more risky, but still nothing you can’t handle.Or maybe you could go back in time two thousand years to question the one magician who might have the answer? That’s dangerous by anyone’s standards. You might get stuck there. You might die there. Or you might discover that you never become a magician at all…Jax and Shannon return in another exciting adventure, where nothing is as it seems, and the past could be rewritten in a heartbeat.The Legacy of Androva is a complete series of contemporary fantasy books for a lower young adult / upper middle grade audience. The stories are self-contained, with no ...
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