Olivia Chase
ASIN: B01M03PB97
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 358

Meet The Beckett Boys. Three Brothers. Each One Dirtier, Rougher, and Sexier Than The Next… A standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA ASHERI came back here for her.Back to Rock Bridge to claim the woman I can’t stop thinking about. The one who dug her way under my skin, despite all my efforts to forget about her, to pretend like nothing happened that one night. Whitney Cavanaugh.I spent months upon months telling myself that it meant nothing. Just a drunken dare between friends. A dare that started with a kiss and ended with the two of us naked, our bodies writhing against each other, mouths locked, heat pouring between us. When I finally accepted I was lying to myself, I spent months thinking about how I wanted it again. I wanted her again.But now I’m back and I’m going to make things right.To explain why I left without saying a word.Soon she’s letting my hands caress her ...
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