Kyle L.B. Morey
ASIN: B01M03R175
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 430

An exercise in devotion. A demonstration of love. (Now a #1 International Bestseller and winner of Reader's Favorite Book Award!)What he set out to do was write for 30 days what he believed God was telling him to tell the reader. He wanted to be an agent for God, not an authority on God. After his daily warm up of praise through hymns, prayer and scripture reading, he asked God to guide him to what the reader”"whoever she or he might be”"wanted or needed to hear that day. The result is a conversational, often funny, always sincere revelation of spiritual reality as Kyle knows it and lives it. It could have been easy for someone who walks the talk as Kyle does to appear holier than thou. He never does. It could have become preachy, but it didn’t. And it might have appeared contrived or become gimmicky, but it is obviously genuine and authentic.While deeply devotional in nature, the ...
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