Sean-Paul Thomas
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 161

'EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK.' Chesca, Goodreads blogger 'A Humorous, Heart Warming Tale of Adventure, Fantasy and Mystery' A Raven Award Finalist and now a Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Finalist. Winner to be announced May 18th.'Is the old man really who he says he is? And is he telling Sersha the truth about where she is truly from?' A mysterious old man kidnaps Sersha, a young, headstrong, Irish girl, from the streets of Galway and tries to convince her that her life's destiny is tied to a seemingly random cave in the Scottish highlands. But with half of the Irish criminal underworld violently on their trail, the kidnapped Sersha, struggles back and forth with the old man's real identity and far-fetched intentions to whether he truly is genuine in his wild and fantastical beliefs. Or is he just some kind of mad, demented, old fool, having a mental breakdown in his twilight ...
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