Tom Wareham
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Pages: 264

Horatio Hornblower, Jack Aubrey - officers of Nelson’s navy have long been romanticised in fiction.The officer corps of the Royal Navy during the long wars of 1793-1815 was one of the most successful military cadres in history, winning the vast majority of its battles, and often in the face of daunting odds. The most glamorous and high-profile group were undoubtedly the frigate captains — often portrayed as the cream of their profession. Because independent action and rugged individualism were essential to their stories, it is not surprising that naval novelists did much to foster this image. But is it true?This is the first book to look at the nature of frigate command, to ask important questions about how and why such officers were appointed, what was expected of them, and how they were rewarded. The picture that emerges is one of conscious selection and ‘fast-track’ promotion ...
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