Mike Kowis
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Pages: 156

In this amusing and award-winning* how-to guide for college professors, seasoned instructor Mike Kowis, Esq., shares 44 COLLEGE TEACHING TIPS that will help any teacher:•ENGAGE students in thought-provoking classroom discussions,•MOTIVATE them to read the assigned materials,•INSPIRE them to attend all classes and stay till the final bell rings,•CREATE a fun and lively learning environment, and•ENCOURAGE students to use their critical thinking skills.This brutally honest book is based on many lessons that Mike learned during his 15 years of teaching, and it’s filled with dozens of hilarious—and often embarrassing—anecdotes. Whether you are a first-time college teacher searching for ways to connect with your audience or a tenured professor seeking to rediscover your passion, Engaging College Students: A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors will help you fully engage your ...
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