Hathai Ross
Publisher: Greenslopes Direct
Pages: 83

Dive into the world of dolphins!Dolphins are considered as some of the most interesting and majestic animals on earth.Have you ever wondered what a dolphin’s life is like? What do they eat? How do they play in the water? Where do they live? How many kinds of dolphins are there?Well, all these questions will be answered—and more!Dolphins: Amazing Facts and Pictures for Children on These Wonderful Creatures (Amazing Creature Series) would tell you everything you need to know about dolphins!From what dolphins are, to how they live, and to the fact that dolphins hold parties and help humans—you’ll find them all right here!Some of the things you’ll learn about in this book include:•What dolphins are;•What dolphins eat;•Why dolphins are said to be among the most intelligent creatures on earth;•How a dolphin’s brain works;•Differences between male and female ...
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