Cube Kid
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 124

Pebble was a gifted boy. Strong. Quick. Sharp. In time, he would have become the best warrior in his village. Yet . . . he made a terrible mistake. And now, he is an exile. Banished from his village, the boy named Pebble must now face the great wilderness that stretches beyond Villagetown's wall. Survival here means fighting, scavenging, running. It's a world where even such simple things as sleep and light are precious commodities. Entirely alone, will he be able to survive in the darkness of each night? As he scours the wilds, coming across the remains of so many other explorers, he knows his future looks grim. Why is he fighting? What's the point of struggling? Only with a stranger's last words does he have a reason to go on, a new quest for a new life, a dying world's last hope . . .12,000 words. 50+ images. free for the first two days.
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