Jay Dee T
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 177

Book 2, Falling Into Darkness. We learn the outcome of the avalanche. Eva’s life is yet again thrust into darkness and she has completely given up all hope. Evan falls to Earth to be with her, but he arrives with no memories. The only soul on Earth that knows both Eva and Evan is Naomi. Will she help them or keep them apart?Will Evan recover his memories in time to save Eva’s soul?Eva:I was ready to give up. I was ready to give in. Lost and alone I retreated into the dark. There in my loneliness, in the night, I heard it, the fire within my soul, wanting to burn, wanting to live. I told it to stop, I told it to give in, but it whispered back, “You’ve been made special. I will never leave you alone. You have everything you need within you to survive, to make it beautiful. You can Arise again.”When I fell into the darkness, I found my light.
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