Julius St. Clair
Publisher: Legendary Publishing House
Pages: 227

“After reading and enjoying the first book of the [Saga Saga], I Decided to get this one, I am Thrilled to find that the story keeps getting even better, I now have a new favorite author in Julius St Clair.” – Amazon ReviewerFrom best-selling author Julius St, Clair comes another powerful and thrilling installment in his epic fantasy series: THE END OF AN ERA (SAGE SAGA, BOOK 10).James has fought many enemies and won, but he may be unprepared for the battle within himself. He not only has to stave off his Quietus instincts to consume others, but now there is a powerful enemy inside his mind, struggling to take control of his body.But he can’t worry about that now. With the Sages forming an alliance with the Ancient Knights, they are one step closer to saving the world and defeating the Sorcerers, but their journey won’t be easy. The Knights have a device that will ensure they ...
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