Martina Fetzer
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 242

Time Travel: What Could Go Wrong?Detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith hated time travel long before they ever laid eyes on a time machine. Now some jerk has gone and invented one, and the consequences go beyond breaking the timeline. This time machine renders anyone who dares to use it immortal.Racing against several clocks, Brooks and Smith must team up with a terrified Puritan and a moon-dwelling hipster to stop increasingly bizarre time travel exploits from tearing a hole in reality, before it's too late...or too soon.About the SeriesFrom the mind of award-winning author* Martina Fetzer, the Brooks & Smith series brings fast-paced science fiction and fantasy with an emphasis on humor. It follows two detectives and their makeshift family on a series of increasingly absurd adventures. These books are often silly, sometimes dark, and never child friendly.*1996, 1997, 1998 Oakview ...
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