Alex Robinson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 21

In this book, I want to convey to you one, but very important point: the success in building a relationship with a man, success in love, does not depend on looks and luck. It entirely depends on the specific knowledge in this area. What happened is in our lives teach us something, but do not create and build a harmonious relationship, and in fact this knowledge is the foundation of a happy family.The first thing that is important to understand, we, men and women really are different! So, it comes from nature and makes no sense to fight with this, and so in order to understand each other, live in harmony and to prevent fatal errors, we need "reference points".I described the basic set of "system errors" that woman inexperience, ignorance, on the advice of friends, because "so it is accepted" and I hope that this book will help you navigate in your relationship and become a truly happy ...
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