Jaclyn Weist
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 155

For Centuries She Has Survived By Draining The Life From ArtistsThe Leanan Sidhe has lived for centuries, inspiring artists while draining their life force in return. It’s who she is, all she’s ever known. While she loves human artistic creativity, she cares nothing for her victims. ˃˃˃ By Day He Is A Simple Farmer, By Night He Hunts Ireland’s Darkest CreaturesConall lives a complicated life, but he loves what he does. By day, he’s a humble farmer, by night he’s hunter, searching for the dark creatures that plague Ireland. He is also an artist who often escapes to the local village to paint portraits in the small marketplace.˃˃˃ He Is Her Greatest Threat, And He Has Dedicated His Life To Hunting Her KindFor Leana, Conall is just another victim. And yet, from the moment she meets him in the marketplace, she can’t seem to get him out of her mind, let alone end his life ...
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