Angela Pepper
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 304

Zara Riddle is trying to find work-life-magic balance, but there's one big secret this witch needs to crack. Chet Moore, the moody shifter who lives next door, has been running hot and cold like a broken faucet ever since they met. Zara finally resorts to magic to get the truth out of him. It turns out her instincts were right. Chet has been hiding something, and it's a doozy. Now Chet wants Zara's help with an intensely personal mission. He wants her to track down a lost soul and solve a cold case – a strange and violent case that powerful entities would rather keep buried. Diving in will put them both in danger. Zara tries to be a good witch. Zara should push aside her feelings and help the lost soul, but... it's so hard to do the right thing sometimes. Zara might be one crafty witch, but she's still a woman. Why should she stick her neck out to help people who lie to her? On the ...
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