Patrice Chaplin
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Pages: 288

London, 1988. Vicky, a promising young radio producer with ambitions to work in film, is at home watching the television. But her remote control doesn't work. It's a fault that will change her life.For instead of watching the American soap she tuned in for, Vicky finds herself viewing a concert conducted by Serge Marais, and becomes instantly infatuated with 'The Maestro'.Vicky decides that she must have Marais, even though he is already married with a family and even though she must go to extraordinary lengths even to engineer a first meeting with him…Nothing will deter her. And having met Marais, their affair begins. Their passion shocks even Vicky, it is as if she has become possessed by somebody, or something, else. As her relationship with Marais progresses, and their lives become entangled, Vicky begins to experience flashbacks, but of a life that cannot possibly be her own.Is ...
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