CR Barlow
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 297

A lonely witch out for revenge must hunt down her first love…Ingrid has only one thing left to live for: revenge on the man who caused her husband's death. But revenge takes time and money. When Ingrid's childhood friend, Ashley, an Earth Force warrior, approaches her to help apprehend a dangerous criminal, Ingrid agrees–for a price.But the criminal they are going after isn't just anybody.Lolita is a witch accused of causing a massacre as part of an Elf uprising against the Earth Empire. Ingrid is a powerful witch in her own right, but even with the injections of manticore venom she has been taking, she might not be powerful enough to take on the beautiful and deadly Lolita.What's more, Ingrid and Lolita have a history together; they served as relief workers for the jotunns of Pluto. In the cold confines of space, things between them grew hot.Now as Ingrid hunts to bring Lolita to ...
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