Eileen K. Omosa
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 69

Relocation from one place to another can take toil on individuals and families, especially when the destination is over 8,000 miles away; Overseas. This book unveils experiences of immigrant parents and children like never before: what does it mean to be removed from familiar environments, from extended family and friends, into a new city in a faraway land?Take this! The temperature outside the airport building is +30 Degrees Celsius, so, why must our seven-year-old traveler carry a warm coat, too heavy for their comfort? Open more pages for answers on why parents and other adults spend so much time packing, just to leave precious items behind? Why a bus full of relatives has traveled on a seven hour journey for a get together of less than two hours? Why the unending queues and questions at airports? This is your chance to discover what a television remote has got to do with a heaven ...
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