Sophie Mays
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 129

When Sonia returned to her hometown of Evergreen Valley from teaching abroad, she wanted a simple Chirstmas with her family. When her character is put to the test, she saves a life and in the process earns the gratitude of Aiden, the charming new café owner in town. Sparks fly, but can Sonia overcome her own doubts and at the same time save the youth choir’s Christmas Eve performance? Travel to the beautiful Canadian Rockies for a sweet story and a good latte to find out…!In the heart of the snow-covered Canadian Rockies lies the small town of Evergreen Valley. Sonia and her sister Yvette have grown up in the quaint little town which neighbours a popular ski resort. Every Christmas they carry on their childhood traditions of sledding, baking and spending quality time with their mother and grandma. This year tragedy nearly strikes the sleepy town, but is luckily averted do to the ...
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