Scarlett Grove
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 70

His mate has collided with his life -- but her past is a blank and her future is in danger. Can he save her?Connor Milton has given up looking for his mate after years of searching. But when a woman crashes her car into a tree on his ranch not long before Christmas, he’s certain he’s finally found her. There’s one big problem--she doesn’t know who she is.Mia Royce can’t remember anything about her past or where she was going the night before. Connor seems like the perfect man, but how can she move forward with her life when she doesn’t know where she came from?When Mia finally accepts Connor as her mate, she remembers everything. But it’s too late--the bad men she was running away from that night have found her. Can her mate defend her, or is her past too dangerous to overcome?
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