P R Adams
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 489

What will be your salvation?Just when Elliot Saganash starts to bring his life under control, his onetime best friend Tammy McPhee steps back into the picture to tear it all apart.Elliot's time as a student at the University of Manitoba has been stressful, to say the least. A new girlfriend, too much coursework ... it's all overwhelming. And then Tammy calls to tell him she's out of juvenile detention and returning to Harrison Mansion, the home they shared with the Elders before an ancient spirit changed everything. After what happened the last time Tammy was alone there, Elliot knows he must return to the mansion for a showdown with her. But convincing Tammy to move out isn't easy, especially when all she wants to do is fight. Things only get worse when mystic writing appears on a wall in the mansion, and Tammy calls in an archaeologist for help. When Elliot's girlfriend flies in from ...
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