Sophie Mays
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 153

Josie wanted a change…and moving to paradise sight-unseen seemed like a reasonable way to go about it. That is until she stepped off the airplane and straight into a holiday season heatwave! From the humidity to the local residents (and not just the two-legged kind), Josie is in for a wake-up call. Luckily, her lovable new landlady Esterline, and the surprisingly charming local dive shop owner, Nate, are hoping to convince her that living in paradise is worth it if she’ll just give it a chance. With his laid-back Margaritaville attitude, Nate embarks on a mission to show Josie that Christmas in Key West is just as magical as the snowy holiday season that she's used to.But is Christmas in the Keys more of a change than she bargained for? Will the aftershock of her rash decision to move have her retreating to familiar territory? Or will her quirky new friends win her over, helping ...
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