MaryAnna Craved
ASIN: B01MRV2406
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 105

Sandy fell in love.The guy was tall, handsome, smart, and strong. A successful student and a sportsman. Every girl’s dream. The prince who saves the princess.But... It was a forbidden love. Impossible love. That’s what she thought.Her best friend Katy tried to lead her to a path of a true love, but all her attempts turned to disasters, each one worse than the last.First, a drunk jerk raped Sandy. Then a gang almost raped and killed them both. And then the worst happened.He fell in love.This happened one cold, rainy night at a camp.How can you enter a small tent when it’s raining?All campers know that. You have to undress outside, take off and wring out all your wet clothes.Only then can you get in. You quickly wipe yourself off and crawl into the sleeping bag. With someone who will warm you up.At first, there were the girls, alone.They warmed up. You can imagine how.Then he came.Katy ...
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