A.N Nazarov
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 126

A forced marriage brought Harriet Jamieson and Kyle Calloway together. But seething anger and humiliation drove them apart.Devastated and hurt, Harriet managed to make a life for herself. She believed she was very content with her life. Until her husband came back to her. His presence, after all these years, made her confront the fact that she was still in love with him but that he had moved on. Accepting defeat, she began the process to dissolve their marriage. However, she received the strongest resistance from the most unlikeliest source: Kyle. Kyle couldn't believe his wife had started the divorce proceedings. Deciding to be difficult, he refused to cooperate. However, as they were forced to work together, Kyle had to confront the real reason he did not want to lose this link with her. Maybe their love was not as one-sided as he had believed. But will their marriage survive the ...
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