Adele Hart
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 102

Hey Girl,Imagine Ryan Gosling said that to you. In fact, imagine him reading you the entire book while he feeds you really fancy chocolates. Or cheap chocolates. Whatever you like best. I’m more of a cheap chocolate girl myself. For several reasons, including the fact that you can buy more of them with the same amount of money as the fancy ones. That’s a little lifehack from me to you. ;) Anyway, Ryan wants you to know that this book is INSANELY dirty. Like really, really, friggin’ dirty. Like, don’t read it at work because your boss and/or co-workers are going to wonder why you’re squirming in your seat, and if they figure it out, you’ll forever be known as ‘dirty book girl’ at the office and maybe it’ll even cost you that promotion or the popular women may not ask you to lunch. Or…they might ask you to lunch even sooner, cause they’ll be all, ‘she’s crazy ...
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