William Oday
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 142

A plane crash forces one man to survive in the vast wilderness of Kodiak Island. Only, he’s not alone.Paleontologist Charles Wilder travels to the island to help identify some unusual tracks found by a local guide. The tracks turn out to be fresh, not fossils. And when a plane crash leaves him lost and struggling to survive, he quickly discovers that freezing to death isn’t the only way to die.He was supposed to get back home for his anxiously awaiting daughter. He assured her it would be a simple two-day trip. It doesn’t turn out that way.Sole Prey is a prequel novella for the thrilling Extinction Crisis series. If you like non-stop action and suspense, then you’ll love this exciting series from William Oday.* Sole Prey is a 22,000 word novella. It was previously titled Man-Eater. *Buy Sole Prey today to experience the nail-biting adventure!
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