Belle Calhoune
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 177

Guarding Her Heart: When realtor, Marissa Santana, witnesses a murder in the wee hours of the morning, she finds herself suffering post-traumatic stress in the form of amnesia. After two attempts on her life, Marissa realizes she isn’t safe from a killer’s vengeance. Protection arrives in the form of Matt Cruz, Sheriff of Briarwood, who vows to keep her safe. Problem is, Cruz is the last person Marissa wants to give her around the clock protection.Town sheriff, Matt Cruz, is duty bound to protect Marissa Santana from a killer’s revenge, even though he doesn’t think much of the gossipy realtor. Cruz is still stewing over a rumor he believes Marissa spread about him and an elderly resident of Briarwood. But now, with danger looming, he vows to keep her from a killer’s grasp at all costs. As Cruz provides around the clock protection for Marissa, they find themselves growing ...
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