Alex C Vick
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 334

Far away, on a world of rock and water, live a brother and sister. They have a special talent. So special that, when applied correctly, it enables them to live forever. Androva hasn't visited this world since before the treaty, two thousand years ago. Its magicians were horrified by what they found, and the portals were permanently closed. Right now, on Androva, Jax and Shannon are trying to come up with the best Entertainment Spell for the Spring Festival, while the Council is facing something of a dilemma. Just how many magicians should Terra be allowed to have? No-one realises there is a deadly enemy lurking in the background, with a spell so devious it can get their own force fields working against them.Jax has been saying he wants to go to Imbera since the end of Seeking Magic. He doesn't realise that Imbera is actually coming for him. Be careful what you wish for...The Legacy of ...
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