Simona Grossi
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 253

4.5 stars on Amazon!A wonderful journey of self-discovery through some of the most beautiful places in Italy!Readers on Amazon love Looking for Clara:Clara wakes feelings you never knew you hadLooking for Clara takes you on a journey that helps you see life more clearly, and desire to live more passionatelyThe book is tightly written in often poetic prose, and paints a rich and vivid portrait of Tuscany. Looking for Clara offers an inspiration to each of us – an inspiration not to settle for living only at the surface of our livesLooking for clara is a wonderful way to fall in love with italy and discover friendships always hidden in every deep soulClara, a former pianist, is now a successful lawyer in L.A. When her law firm sends her to Siena her life takes unexpected turns. There she meets Mario, an eighty-year-old photographer who takes photographs of strangers and friends and then ...
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