Simona Grossi
Publisher: Pipes & Clouds
Pages: 245

Her life has become a single, low note. Will an Italian escape strike a joyful chord in her soul? Clara Smith seems out of tune, drifting through one empty day after another. Alone in LA for Christmas and uncertain about her new boyfriend, the pianist-turned-lawyer feels as fake as the snow. But when her firm dispatches her to Siena, Italy to lead a major project, the rhythm of the daily grind gloriously changes tempo.Bonding with her charismatic eighty-year-old neighbor over his large collection of photographs, she uncovers a picture of a mysterious woman. And a breathtaking cross-country adventure, in search of the framed beauty who shares her name gives voice to Clara’s long-silenced passions.Can a melodious tour through vineyards and sun-drenched landscapes restore her sense of harmony?
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