Thomas Lockhaven
Publisher: Twisted Key Publishing, LLC
Pages: 164

Can you outwit the demon and escape the labyrinth alive??"This story reminds me of the books that began my love of reading in the first place. This is definitely now in my top 10 list of young reader books" - by Melody"I can't recommend this book enough as it was a very satisfying read" - by Dawn"I'm a massive fan of young adult fantasy, I just love how simple, fun and enjoyable it can be and The Deadly Cavern was just that." - by David"A new world, some adventure and a whole lot of fun. What an exciting and fun read for me." - by Aly"Solving mysteries and clues. This will delight you until the very end." - by Tom"Out of all the books I have read in my lifetime this is one of the most inspiring." - by RitaSomething downright magical is about to happen, and for two best friends, a tale of danger and mystery is only the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.Eevie and Tommy aren’t as ...
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