Declan Rhodes
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 192

“They’ve gotta be crazy to love a chef, but when they wait up for you…so late at night…that means love.”Despite a stellar culinary education, native New Yorker Milo Clearwater is struggling in his career and in love. It’s a confusing puzzle, and he’s looking for all of the pieces.The first piece appears in the patronage of Gerard Underhill, an angel investor and philanthropist in the making, but Milo thinks Gerard has more than finances on his mind.Milo glimpses the second piece in the form of a handsome man named Cole. He is mysterious and difficult to pin down, but Milo refuses to give up easily.The third and final piece is a perfect location in a Midwestern city discovered by Milo’s friends Anthony and Henry, but putting all of the pieces together and convincing that special man to wait up for him won’t be an easy task for Milo.
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